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Nothing annoys me more than seeing Blaine pushing all the unhealthy food to Kurt. I remember I once had a friend who did that to her best friend just because she feels insecure and finds her friend too skinny. I think that’s the reason why that scene annoyed me so much. I don’t understand why people have to do that

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It’s kind of frustrating when my dad tells me this “you want nice things but you can’t stop plucking your hair.”. You think I don’t want to stop? You think that I will stop when you tell me to? And also, do you have to say that out loud IN PUBLIC? My hair is embarrassing enough, I don’t need you to embarrass me more in public

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I get asked a lot about my hair especially when I tie it up and it’s starting to frustrate me because I’m so sick of coming up with lies. There are many times I wish I can just show them my blog and let them know about this “condition”. Some of them might not even understand. Why me? Why us?

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All I want is to let out my feelings without any questions asked. Is that too much to ask for?

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I think the new songs are….. not what I expected. Marry The Night remains as my favourite of the episode.

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Is there an option for me to be a Tyler Oakley because others require too much effort

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Jensen Ackles when he was 20-ish

Daily reminder: this is just about what Dean Winchester looked like when Rhonda Hurley made him try on her pink, satiny panties.
You’re welcome.

*chokes on air*
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Oh Tyler, I can never thank you enough for this amazing month. Every morning I wake up happy, knowing that you’ve posted a new video (diff timezones). So, thank you so fucking much and I really appreciate it.

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